Play #3: X Marks the Whitespace

Whitespace mapping is a powerful tool for Account Management teams to identify and uncover growth opportunities within their existing customer base.

Whitespace maps traditionally consist of a simple spreadsheet of customer accounts and their product offerings indicating products purchased, opportunities in flight, pilots and no interest.

X marks the Whitespace play is where you’d use a Whitespace map to determine which customer hasn’t bought a specific product/feature or add-on and target them.

The Scrappy Way To Play

(Effort level 9)

Step 1 → **Create a Whitespace Map for all of your accounts and products you offer.

Here’s a good example of a ‘scrappy’ Whitespace map done in an excel spreadsheet

A downloadable version of a Whitespace map template for you to try is here.

Step 2 → Filter your account list by landed product bought to identify whitespace - i.e. products not yet purchased

Step 3 → Sort account list by ‘propensity’ (e.g. highest spend, most number of other products bought, account health, etc.)

Step 4 → Send an outreach campaign based on the product you’re trying to x-sell/upsell

For a more in depth explanation of Whitespace mapping - see our Ultimate Guide here.

The Fanciest Way To Play

Alright, now let’s throw in some AI, shall we?

Step 1 → Use Glowstick’s AI Driven Dynamic Whitespace Map:

Here’s how it differs from a spreadsheet style 👇

The map has all the context in one place.

  • Our Whitespace map pulls information from recorded customer meetings and CRM to give you one source of truth for all your accounts
  • No more switching between apps, re-watching calls, scouring notebooks for clues, or goose chasing people for context

The map is always up to date automatically.

We keep you instantly in the know for:

  • Leads from a customer mentioning an intent or pain
  • Qualification evidence & context for CSQLs
  • Reminders or insights about existing opportunities
  • Products already purchased
  • Customers indicating no interest
  • True Whitespace
  • BONUS: Incumbent competitors that your customers are using (with renewal dates)

Step 2 → Rep reviews the strength of signal with the Glowscore™

Leverage metrics such as customer health score, pipeline deals, and last customer engagement, to mention a few, the Glowscore guides Account Managers towards specific accounts ripe for upsell or cross-sell conversations.

Step 3 → Filter within Glowstick’s Dynamic Whitespace map to get a up to date list of your target accounts (no manual work to create your WSM)

Step 4 → Export accounts as a CSV to your outreach tool to send an email campaign

If Whitespace maps are to be constantly updated in order to be effective and if time & resources are already spread thin as it is; this is where automation becomes particularly useful so you don’t have to be like her:

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