Play #2: Incumbent Rip’n’Replace

It’s Consolidation Season out there, so if you’ve got an upsell or cross-sell product that your customers could be using a competitor for, it’s your time to shine and help them consolidate… onto YOU.

It’s time to channel your inner Jack Sparrow.

Get your eye patch and bottle o’rum at the ready, you’re about to find some treasure!

The Scrappy Way to Play

(Effort level 8)

Use your meeting recording platform’s trackers to find incumbent competitor mentions using competitor names as keywords to run a targeted Rip & Replace play.

The Fancier Way to Play

If your product or feature is publicly available -- think chat, support knowledge base, web analytics -- you can go to your customers' websites and with varying degrees of manual effort (ranging from doing it yourself per website, to asking your friendly neighbourhood nerds to write a scraper) to check in the code for who they're using.

Our Machine Learning Engineer, Fred will use Grain as an example and show you how he would go about finding some of their tech-stack. Say for example if you were a competitor of Sentry, you could target Grain as an incumbent competitor for a Rip and Replace play:

The Fanciest Way to Play

Time to get super Fancy dancy; let’s again toss some AI into the mix.

Step 1 → Use Glowstick’s AI to detect incumbent competitors (and their renewal dates) automatically

Step 2 → The lead is piped straight into your Gainsight dashboard

Step 3 → Send targeted outreach to your list of accounts sharing the same incumbent

Step 4 → Offer your customers a timely opportunity to switch onto your product

Step 5 → WIN. THE. DEAL.

Masha, our CEO and Co-Founder, explains with a short demo:

Sample Rip n’ Replace Outreach Email

Need a little help on the email structuring part?

Have no fear, Andy from Apollo is here!

Here’s a really good example of what you could replicate in your Rip n’ Replace email campaigns.


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