Expansion pipeline looking thin?

Glowstick's AI gets upsell & cross-sell leads from
all of your team’s recorded customer meetings.

Used by amazing teams like Gainsight and Ada
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How it works

Got 99 problems? Expansion pipeline anxiety ain't one

Connect to your CRM and call recording tool
Get cross-sell / upsell leads from customer meeting recordings
Qualify and add them to your CRM to grow Expansion pipeline
The Product

Propel your Account Management team to greater heights

See how our solution empowers your team to drive revenue growth, nurture customer relationships, and maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
Our Customers

Spearheading post-sales motions with Glowstick

“What it’s going to do is up-level the whole practice and give CSMs and customer facing folks the opportunity to be more strategic...”
Benjamin Stidham
Sr Director of Account Management
“If they spend 20 min in Glowstick and find even 1 lead a week, that’ll translate to $130K of pipeline for each of them, every month.”
Michael Elliot
Sr Director of Account Management
Who it’s for?

Sales Leaders


Get Expansion leads automatically

“Pipeline is a real challenge in the market right now”

Glowstick removes the need to manually prospect for cross-sell and upsell opps.

Our AI model surfaces relevant snippets of recorded customer calls and sends them as leads for your team to turn into deals.



“How are my AMs going to manage 200+ accounts each?”

Asking your AMs to grow more customers with less? Our AI pre-fills your CRM opp creation fields with details picked up from meeting recordings (even when your AM isn’t at the meeting) so that your team can focus on closing.


Forecast earlier with 100% More Confidence

“We’ll review these leads and deals in our 1:1”

Your customer meetings are now a source of predictable revenue.Your AMs can spend 20 min in Glowstick a week and find at least 1 upsell or cross-sell lead a week. That then translates to 4-, 5-, or 6-figure pipeline for each of them every month.

What can Glowstick do?

Identify & Qualify Leads

“Make the Q in CSQL stand for Qualified, not Questionable"

Whether or not you have a CSQL program that is humming, Glowstick makes sure no opps slip through the cracks — even from calls your reps aren’t on. Oh, and it’ll help you qualify CSQLs without more internal meetings.

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Rip’n’Replace Incumbents

"They already have budget for it, so that's a cross-sell opp right there"

In this consolidation-hungry market, customers are looking to consolidate their tech stacks.
Glowstick helps you help them consolidate onto your platform by detecting customers mentioning their incumbent solutions - and their renewal dates.



"The exercise is so useful, but so tedious, we only do it once a year"

Ever wonder what your whitespace looks like, 
but loathe to ask reps to manually update that Excel sheet from 6 months ago? We got you.
Glowstick generates an always - up-to-date dynamic whitespace map so you can strategize plays at the exact right level of your book of business.

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Life without, and now with, Glowstick

Enhanced Expansion Efficiency

Streamline your team's workflows with Glowstick
Life Without Glowstick
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    Knee-jerk approaches to meeting targets
  • icon
    Spread thin across books of business
  • icon
    Too much time whitespacing
  • icon
    Little to no viz into expansion health
Life With Glowstick
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    Predictable revenue from customer meetings
  • icon
    Takin' care of books of business, everyday!
  • icon
    More time strategizing and planning
  • icon
    Clear line of sight into expansion revenue
Our integrations

We Work Where You Work

We play nicely with the modern sales stack. Works across all your systems, apps, and services. And if not, we'll build an integration for it.
How to use Glowstick

Gold from Your Meetings

Glowstick sources expansion leads for you so you don't have to rewatch / listen to recordings or wade through recap notes.

The up- and cross-sell context from each lead is all there in one view

Specific parts of the conversation are pulled and presented to you. No need to search or figure out different keyword combos.

Pre-filled forms auto-populate and create opps in your CRM

Turn expansion leads into opps in minutes. Your team is set for next-Q pipeline generation, and they don't need to spend more time in the CRM.


You'll always have receipts for every expansion deal

Glowstick's AI gives you the receipts on those deals so that there's no debate over a customer's upsell or cross-sell intent.

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Illuminate Your Expansion Pipeline with Glowstick

AI-curated video and text snippets of potential expansions from customer conversations
Auto-populated opp fields in your CRM
All expansion leads in one view
Expansion pipeline health monitoring with verifying, coaching, and reporting
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