In this guide, we’ll review the difference between Glowstick and call recording tools, how to get more out of them, and how you can use Glowstick with your call recording tools to fit your expansion revenue needs, e.g., finding net new cross-sell and upsell leads, qualifying them easily with just the right amount of customer context, or coaching your AMs on building early-stage expansion pipeline.

How to Get More Out of Your Meeting Recording Tool with Glowstick

Are You Looking for More Qualified Expansion Leads from Your Customer Call Recordings?

If you’re not sure how to find more upsell and cross-sell opportunities hiding in all those Gong/Chorus/Zoom meeting recordings, then you’re not alone.

It’s why our customers leverage both the power of Glowstick and their call recording tools.

In this guide, we’ll review the difference between Glowstick and call recording tools, how to get more out of them, and how you can use Glowstick with your call recording tools to fit your expansion revenue needs. For example:

  • Finding net new cross-sell and upsell leads.
  • Qualifying them easily with just the right amount of customer context.
  • Coaching your AMs on building early-stage expansion pipeline.

The Difference Between Glowstick and Call Recording Tools

Our customers use call recording tools and Glowstick to find expansion leads from their customer meeting recordings.

During their evaluation, almost all of our customers asked us a variation of, “How is Glowstick different from call recording tools?”

In fact, one of our customers (Michael Elliot of Ada) initially couldn’t see the difference between Glowstick and Gong:

“I couldn't differentiate Glowstick vs. Gong and I thought, ‘Why should I not just use Gong instead of Glowstick?’” Michael says. “Of course, that has since changed because [Glowstick] is helping me surface potential leads and opportunities.”

We get it, though. At some point there’s only so much “AI for Conversational Intelligence” stuff that folks can process – eventually, it all blurs together.

Here’s where Glowstick is different: we don’t record calls, but rather, the Glowstick AI combs through customer meetings you’re already recording to source quality expansion leads so you don’t have to rewatch and listen to whole recordings (let alone wade through meeting summaries or notes).

Here’s a quick primer on both approaches:

  • Call Recording Tools: record meetings, take notes and summarize (plus, optionally, help with deal execution with a particular focus on new sales).
  • Glowstick: finds upsell and cross-sell opportunities from call recordings.

And here's a table summing up the differences between Gong/Chorus/Zoom and Glowstick:

Gong et al.
Record calls

Detect expansion opps
Match leads to your offerings
1-click log opps to CRM
Track lead to opp conversion

How to Find More Expansion Leads in Your Call Recording Tool

We know sales tool sprawl is too real, so we always encourage prospective customers to max out everything they’re doing in their call recording tools first before considering adopting Glowstick.

Here are three tips to try on your own in the tool you already have:

Tip #1: Review your teammates’ meetings with your accounts every week

Chances are your CSMs, Professional Services folks, Renewal managers and other non-Sellers across the organization meet with your accounts occasionally without you there. There’s a high likelihood key expansion-related info from those meetings is not making it to you. No shade – we blame it on everyone having WAY too much on their plates.

One option here is simply to, every week, re-watch recordings of meetings with your accounts that you couldn’t attend in your call recording tool.

Yes, this takes a fair amount of time, effort, and sleuthing. But, as a Seller, you’ll catch expansion signals that your colleagues won’t.

Tip #2: Use product keywords and other relevant turns of phrase specific to your how your customers talk about expanding in keyword- or concept-based trackers

This will leave you with a fair amount of noise (we’ve found that customers don’t tend to say “We would like to buy your Superwidget 5000” when describing their needs and pain points that might warrant expansion), and still the manual work of logging the opportunities, but definitely give it a shot.

Tip #3: Search recorded conversations for customers expressing intent

This is one of the more nuanced ways to detect customer needs and therefore potential expansion opps in meeting recordings (this also helps you get customer updates on existing deals).

And, it lets you search through calls from other teams that interact with your book of business, like the calls with your AEs, BDRs, renewal managers, or customer success folks.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the search or filter functionality in your call recording tool.
  2. Type in “we want to” or “we need to” (you could copy and paste this, too, including the quotes).
  3. Make sure you select that it’s only the customer talking that it searches in.
  4. Hit Search.
  5. Watch some gold pour out.

Note: we’ve noticed this has ~50% accuracy rate (you’re going to have to sift through some of the calls to find more gold because customers do love talking about how “we want to” go on vacation 😅).

How to Get More Out of Your Call Recording Tools with Glowstick

If you’ve found that the methods above don’t yield accurate enough expansion leads, or you need to introduce some automation to take menial work of logging opportunities off your AMs’ plates, then you should consider Glowstick. Our AI detects customers talking about their needs and automatically matches it to what your company actually offers, then lets AMs 1-click log those qualified opportunities into CRM.

“In today’s 'do more with less' world, it becomes increasingly important to maximize the resources on the time that you have. For my team to do everything to the best of their ability, they need a little bit of help from technology, and I would say that automation of their work was that missing piece,” Michael says – and that’s what Glowstick does.

Our integration with many call recording tools allows you to act on the upsell or cross-sell insights from recorded meetings. In fact, our customers use Glowstick as part of their workflows: expansion opportunities are automatically created and synced into CRM from Glowstick (they never have to switch out from Glowstick to CRM).

Account Management teams like the one at Ada get to review in one place all the expansion leads that Glowstick finds, and create opportunities in CRM right from within Glowstick. AMs get exactly the context they need from each and every customer call – even from the calls they weren’t able to attend.

The Bottom Line: There’s Gold in Your Call Recording Tools, But You’ll Need Glowstick to Find It Lest You Want to Pull Up Sand, Too

Whether you’re thinking of hacks to get more out of your call recording tool or you’ve racked your brain thinking of signals of expansion revenue, you now have more choices than before.

Want to get quality expansion leads from all of your customer recordings? Get a demo of Glowstick.

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